Saturday, July 17, 2010

Revis Cares More About "the green" than Gang Green

Jets training camp starts two weeks from Sunday, and Darrelle Revis says he has no idea if he'll be there or not.The Pro Bowl cornerback is seeking a new contract he says the team promised him, but told ESPN on Wednesday that he was "clueless" where those talks were at.
             -Excerpt from Matt Battaglino, New York Post:

The Jets need to get this situation resolved, they need to keep Revis happy, but I do not believe Revis is being pro-team right now. He is looking out for himself, rather than the team or the organization. I can understand if he still seeks a new contract, but if he misses Mini-camp, he is sending a message to the rest of the men who put on the green and white that he cares more about the green paper, than "Gang Green".

...This is insane, the man has a contract. Whether he deserves to be paid more than any other cornerback in the league is irrelevant. The man needs to realize he made a commitment when he signed his contract. The problem is in football, more than any other sport, a players career could be over tomorrow. He wants to get as much money now as possible...

At this time, I would like to remind everyone of the scene in Mr. Deeds. A star football quarterback of the New York Jets walks in and wants to renegotiate his contract to earn more. When Deeds is informed the player is justified because he threw for more yards than any other QB, he disagrees, asking the player, "if you did worse, could we pay you any less?" ...Revis obviously has not seen the movie...

Yankees Lose To Rays; Rubber Game Tommorow

 The Tampa Bay Rays (55-35) defeated the New York Yankees (57-33) by a score of 10-5 on Saturday afternoon. Yankees starter A.J. Burnett exited in the 3rd inning, after cutting both his hands on doors leading to the Yankee clubhouse. Burnett initially lied about the situation, telling Yankees trainer Steve Donahue that he cut his hands catching himself as he tripped on the stairs, later after being pulled, he admitted the truth. A.J. drops to (7-8) on the year.

The Rays offense was lead by second baseman Reid Brignac, who hit two homers and drove in five runs(a career high). Jorge Posada and Mark Teixera homered in the bombers loss.

The loss now puts Tampa only two games back of the first place Yanks. The rubber game is tommorow at 1:05 when David Price(12-4, 2.42) takes on Andy Pettite(11-2, 2.70).



Michael Baron Will Join us Live on Monday 7/26 at 2:00 pm.

Dear Readers,

Michael Baron, and contributor and owner will join us at 2:00 pm on Monday July 26th. Mike will join us to talk about the Mets roadtrip, about possible trades before the July 31st non-waiver deadline and about the Mets chances to play as Steve Somers of WFAN says, "meaningful october baseball."

Please Tune in for the interview!

Shutout again by San Francisco Pitching, Mets Need Sparkplug: Reyes

The Mets(48-42) were once again shutout last night to drop the second game of the four game series against the San Francisco Giants(49-41). Jon Niese pitched well, going seven strong innings allowing only one run on a fielders choice. Niese certainly pitched well enough to win, but the Mets bats stayed silent agianst Giants starter Barry Zito. Just like Lincecum did the night previous, Barry Zito baffled the Mets, striking out 10 and allowing only two hits in 8 innings of scoreless ball. Jerry Manuel was hardly ready to dismiss this shutout as just a dominant performance by Zito. "You could say that the guy pitched real well," manager Jerry Manuel said. "But I still believe at some point we have to unlock this offense. We have to be a little bit more consistent offensively. I didn't see us having very many opportunities or very many good swings."

The Mets can not get anything going! It seems as though when watching, some of these Major League Players look as though they have never picked up a bat! Tejada, Cora, Davis, Barajas, Bay and Francour all have been struggling mightly, Wright has been doing well, but the Mets can not win with just him hitting, they need to string together hits, something they havent been doing well lately. Jerry Manuel is a big believer in situational hitting(getting the guy over and in) but the runners are not getting in scoring postion, there is noone to drive in!

The bottomline is the Mets need Jose Reyes to be in the lineup, whether his oblique strain limits him to batting only righty or not, they need their sparkplug back in the lineup. They seem to not be able to get anything done without him. Whether its emotional or truly his peformance on the field, they Mets need their leadoff man in the lineup. The Met organization has found no structural damage in any MRI's they have taken, but I'll give Reyes the benefit of the doubt, I am sure it hurts, but at what point does he have to realize that he needs to take the pain along with the millions of dollars the Mets are paying him and get on the field and do his job. Reyes does no good for the Mets sitting on the bench.



Friday, July 16, 2010

Tim Lincecum Dominates Mets For Complete Game Shutout.

The San Francisco Giants (48-41) beat the The New York Mets (48-41) in the series opener by a score of 2-0. Tim Lincecum dominated through the entire game striking out only five, but allowing just six singles through nine scoreless innings. Lincecum picks up his tenth win and improves to a record of 10-4. R.A. Dickey also pitched well, he gave up one earned run in seven innings pitched, Dickey earns his 3rd loss and drops to a record of 6-3 on the year.

...Carlos Beltran made his first appearance this season in todays game and went 1-4 with a single...
... The Mets had only three runners in scoring position all game, and did not bring any of them home...
...Pablo Sandoval and Buster Posey drive in the Giants only runs...
...the lack of Jose Reyes in lineup was noticeable, he is day to day...

Tommorow: Jon Niese (6-3) will take on Barry Zito (7-4) at 10:35 at AT&T park in San Francisco



Thursday, July 15, 2010

Knicks: Where To Now?

Well you know what they say, when in rome...
Wait, wrong phrase. What I meant to say was, when you hit rock bottom, there's really nowhere to go but up. This free agent summer, to me, really marks the beginning of a super slow-  no, an INSANELY SLOW acension for the Knicks back to basketball prominence. This summer was fairly positive, with the addition of Am'are Stoudemire and Raymond Felton. The Knicks have arguably what is one of their better teams over recent years.
But what if the Knicks have a terrible season again? Is it safe to say that they are a complete failure as an NBA team and organization? Exactly how much of an idiot do I look like for saying that they should be fairly successful?
Shoutout for John Rapisardi for saying that they are basically a super-watered down version of the Suns. Its basically what they are. But, a watered down version of the Suns > any Knicks team we've had for a while.
Another thing- are we gonna finally start playing defense? I've seen a few summer league games and all I can say is that the Knicks play absolutely no defense. None. I really don't understand it, Mike D'antoni, no wonder you havent won a championship yet. These teams OUTSCORE you. And you dont do anything about it.
So what is the fate of our beloved Knicks? Only time will tell.

At least we're not New Jersey.



The Struggles of Joba Chamberlain

After 2 years of messing around, trying to find the right role for Joba Chamberlain, it is time for the Yankee organization to realize failure. Joba Chamberlain has been an absolute disaster this year. He has a 5.79 ERA!
Lets be honest, if his name wasnt JOBA, he would be in AAA. He is not the great setup man that he was his rookie season-he just isnt. No longer do people "fear" Joba.

The Yankees screwed him up. He was a dominant 8th inning man. He and Mariano Rivera formed the best and most sure game over, than any combination it the league, and maybe ever. They were THAT good. Since though, they Yankee organization had made him a starter, then a reliever, then a starter, then a reliever again. Wow, I am tired from saying all that, how must he feel? Now, people in the organization are wondering what to do. Do they let him pitch through his struggles? Do they send him down to triple-A? If he goes to triple-A should they make him a starter again?

All of this change is in Joba Chamberlain's head. No matter how much he denies it, he must think after every poor outing, that his job is now in jeopardy. After all the pitch counts, and the Joba Rules, have the Yankee's wasted him? What if they just kept him in the 8th inning role?



The Return of Carlos Beltran

For the first time since October 4th 2009, Carlos Beltran will be in the Mets Lineup Thursday. He will bat 4th and play center field.

...this is huge! It is so awesome to have Carlos back. Picking him up after the all-star break is equivalent to trading for a big name bat, he will make the lineup much deeper sliding Jason Bay, who can hopefully pick it up with the bat, to the sixth hole. The new lineup is projected to be: 1Reyes, 2Pagan, 3Wright, 4Beltran, 5Davis, 6Bay, 7Barajas, 8Tejada...

The return of Beltran also makes the bench deeper as they will have a strong four man outfield rotation, with Jeff Francour looking to be on the bench the most. Manuel has said though, he will sit down with his outfielders and, "explain the situation."

..Having Beltran back in the lineup also adds a psychological boost. The Mets star center-fielder, arguably the best in the game, will return after missing 169 games, in the last two seasons. Him coming back, ends the chapter of the 2009 season full of injuries, hopefully a healthy Reyes, and Beltran can perform in the second half, the way we expect them to. If they play to the all-star caliber that they are, the Mets will run away with the N.L. East...


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Listen to The recording of Our Radio Show!

Hey All,

If you missed the show live, you can listen to Mike Hendel and Peter Barrett talk about New York Sports by playing a recording that is archived on the blog. A recording of each and every show will be found there. These recording's are found under the blogspotradio logo in the top right hand corner.

Thanks For Listening

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

R.I.P. George Steinbrenner



Monday, July 12, 2010

Tonight's Radio Show

Marquis and I will be steaming live audio from this site at 11:00 pm tommorow nite.  Please listen and call in at 347-215-7932. 
In todays show:
  1. Recap HR DERBY
  2. Recap Allstar Game
  3. Talk Isiah Back to the Knicks?
  4. Take every one of your calls.

Amongst All the All-star hype.. An open letter to James Dolan

Dear James Dolan,
You can not be serious! Having Isiah talk to LeBron was a terrible choice, but considering him as the next General Manager of the Knicks, may define you as clinically insane. Now, do not get me wrong, I love the way you have ruined the franchise for over a decade, you have made some bonehead moves, but the bottomline is, you can still save face. Yesterday at Carmelo Anthony's wedding, best friend Chris Paul made a toast that when the time comes, Anthony, Paul and Stoudamire would form a "big-three" of their own in New York. DO NOT RUIN THIS! Having two superstars already talk to the media, saying they want a trade to the Knicks is awesome. This is not like the LeBron thing where he had "the desire to play in the Worlds Most Famous ARENA- MSG, this is real. This big three could build a dynasty. They also mesh together better than the trimuvirates down in South Beach, all of who have humongous ego's and the need for the ball. Instead the Knicks, would have a true point Guard in Chris Paul, dont get me wrong James, I think Raymond Felton was a nice pickup, but we are talkin CP3! Also Carmelo has to be the most subdued of all the Mega Stars, and he has skills! Unlike Bosh or James, he can actually shoot! Dolan, all you have to do is sitback and worry about Fios takin away Cable's sales, leave running the Knicks to people who can actually, run the Knicks!
A Fan For Now, And For Later,


All Star Game Lineups

Looking ahead to tommorow, the All Star Lineups have been released by their respective managers
The lineup for the National League is as follows:
1. Hanley Ramirez (FLA)
2. Martin Prado (ATL)
3. Albert Pujols (STL)
4. Ryan Howard (PHI)
5. David Wright (NYM)
6. Ryan Braun (MIL)
7. Andre Ethier (LAD)
8. Corey Hart (MIL)
9. Yadier Molina (STL)

RHP Ubaldo Jimenez of the Colorado Rockies will be the starting pitcher for the NL.

The lineup for the American League is as follows:

1. Ichiro Suzuki (SeA)
2. Derek Jeter (NYY)
3. Miguel Cabrera (DET)
4. Josh Hamilton (TEX)
5. Vladimir Guerrero (TEX)
6. Evan Longoria (TB)
7. Joe Mauer (MIN)
8. Robinson Cano (NYY)
9. Carl Crawford (TB)

LHP David Price of the Tampa Bay Rays will be the starting pitcher for the American League.

The allstar games have been fairly one sided lately.. the AMERICAN LEAGUE ALWAYS WINS!! Their lineup looks pretty stacked i mean RObby CAno in the 8 hole! I like Ubaldo to go four innings of two run ball, wheras I think David Price will last two innings giving up four runs!

Prediction: National League takes the Victory 7-5 in LA!

Home Run Derby Tonight!

It is that time a year again. The time of year when swings are ruined, and legacies can be made. The homerun derby is a gruling affair. It is interesting to see how good a shape the players are in, to see how they can endure through the rounds. This wont be a problem for Nick Swisher or Chris Young, who will not be around for so long. Prince Fielder is not participating though, which is probably good because when he took home the victory last year, he was panting more than an olympic 400 meter runner, in the post race interview. It was quite remarkable to watch him blow his lungs into the microphone.

Lets look at the homers so far this season, and figure out a favorite:

Miguel Cabrera 22, Corey Hart21 Matt Holliday16 David Ortiz18 Hanley Ramirez13 Nick Swisher15 Vernon Wells19 Chris Young15.

From this you can deduce Cabrera is the favorite; however, Tori Hunter, was interviewed on MLB Networks Pre-show and said that it has to be a lefty who would win it. From that it will be either Big Papi or Nick Swisher, who will most likely bat lefty. I have to go with Big Papi who talked his way into the derby by saying "I hit BOMBS"!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lucky Number 7: Yankees

Looks like my Yanks are sitting pretty atop the AL East.
Lucky (Win) Number 7 just came to the Yankees, destroying the Seattle Mariners 6-1 (the very team that Cliff Lee was traded from) behind the pitching potency of Phil Hughes.
Hughes, this season, has started and led the Yankees to 11 of their victories this season, finishing off the first half of the season in style and in top form going into the All-Star break, in which he will also be participating.
Indeed, Hughes talent was promising, but no one at the beginning of this season felt that Hughes would be of as much significance to such an organization as the Yankees as he is now.

Mark Texiera homered twice in the meeting with the Mariners, Robinson Cano RBI'd, bringing in Jeter and Mark Texiera with a triple. Hughes struck out 5, yet was hit 6 times, with 1 run and one error. His ERA as of now is at 3.65. Not great, but not terrible.
"Hughes might have been something of an afterthought in Spring Training, competing with a cast of four other pitchers for work as New York's fifth starter. But as the Yankees won their seventh straight contest, Hughes has done nothing but make the Yankees look brilliant for their decision to select him.
'It's just huge for our team,' said Mark Teixeira, who homered from both sides of the plate in the win. 'When a fifth starter, a guy that had to win the job out of Spring Training, becomes one of your aces -- it makes such a huge difference in our team. We may not be in first place without Phil Hughes.'
With him, they are baseball's best team." (courtesy of
Hughes has been a part of an outstanding Yankees bullpen this season, and he, CC Sabathia and Andy Pettitte lead the entire rotation with 11 victories a piece over this first half of the season.
Yanks currently have EIGHT (count 'em, 8) players participating in the All-Star game.
Yankees All Stars- Jeter, Rodriguez, Cano, Sabathia, Hughes, Riviera, Swisher, Pettitte.
Sorry Mr. Wright.

-Sir Cocoa