Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Twas the Night Before Christmas And all through the blog
Not an author was stirring There seemed to be brain fog

The posts were published on the blog, with care

in hopes that readers would wake and see them there.

The bloggers were nestled all snug by their screens

while visions of presents were in their dreams

And 'quis in his peacoat, and I in my shorts

had settled our brains with sports reports...

I digress...

From everyone at New York Sports Cookie I would like to wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Best of New York Bite 12-24: Mark Simon Interview

Mark Simon of and Baseball Tonight on ESPN, joins the New York Bite to talk about the Mets and Yankees.


Best of New York Bite: Andrew Bogusch Interview

Andrew Bogusch of Sirius XM radio joins the New York Bite to discuss Gang Green and Big Blue.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Best of New York Bite 12-23: Interview With C.J. Papa

CJ Papa of ESPN 1050, 77WABC radio, Imus in the Morning, MSG, MSG Varsity, and host of Gamenight- Islanders Hockey, joined the New York Bite on Thursday morning.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Listen to interview with C.J. Papa at 7:30 on Thrusday Morning

CJ Papa of MSG Varsity, MSG, SNY and 77WABC radio will join the New York Bite tommorow morning at 7:30 am. Email me if you have a question you would like to ask CJ, and we will use your questions when we "Open Up The Cookie Jar" for fan mail.
CJ is hosting Geico Sports Nite on SNY at 1am this morning, and is also hosting on 77WABC at 6am. Make sure you guys tune in.



Update: In his 2:15 Wednesday Press conference, he refused to confirm or deny that the videos were of his wife.

The Jets are sitting at 10-4 in the AFC East, and have the opportunity to clinch a playoff berth Sunday against the Bears. Yet, most attention towards the Jets has been negative over the last few days.

There is current speculation, by reporters at, that foot fetish videos posted on youtube and other sites, that contain a woman who bears striking resemblance to Michelle Ryan, Jets head coach Rex Ryans wife are indeed of her. There is also reportedly a video, in which Michelle Ryan acts as if she is sleeping with her bare feet hanging outside of the car.

Then, a police officer, who is not shown on screen, presumably the cameraman, comes over and starts asking her questions while his hands are reportedly stroking her feet. Many in the New York media and on these sites such as youtube, have commented that the voice of the "Cop" is one in the same with Rex Ryan.

Ryan is set to have a press conference with media at 2:15 Wednesday.

The problem is this is not an isolated negative case surrounding the Jets. There was the wrestling match in Miami where Rex Ryan was seen absolutely plastered drunk and flipping the bird to all of Miami, the Braylon Edwards DUI, the female reporter, Inez Sanz, sexual harrasment allegations, the Sam Alosi tripping situation, and of course this foot-fetish scandal.

Now, this may not have penalties to Rex as it is not illegal, but it certainly creates an awkward situation in which even I feel awkward writing about it. It serves as just another distraction that the Jets dont need heading into week 17 in which the Jets should focus instead on clinching a playoff spot.

There is no debate Rex Ryan has changed the culture, from the opening press conference in which he promised to not kiss Bill Bellicheck's rings, to the press conference that will take place at 2:15 on Wednesday, yet has it been more detrimental than beneficial?

Certainly Ryan has generated more discussion about the Jets, and all while still winning. Despite my moral problems with the way the Jets are representing themselves, they are getting the job done, they have already won ten times, and if they continue to not let these off-field issues affect their play on the field, it does not matter, and it will not change.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mets Should Name Captain Wright Now

If the Mets believe that simply hiring a no nonsense manager like Terry Collins will change the atmosphere and dynamic of the team, they are in for a rude awakening. No matter if you put Joseph Stalin, or Pee Wee Herman as the manager, unless you surgicially remove some of the cancerous parts of the team, the team will still suffer the same dysfunction that it has over the last few seasons.

The first step to curing any kind of disease is early recognition. Well, Omar Minaya did not recognize the obvious ailments under his tenure but it may not be too late.This current front office though, led by General Manager Sandy Alderson, has decided that instead of making any, "impulsive decisions" that they will wait it out, and see what these players have in Spring Training. I understand that both Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo are owed a signifcant amount of money, but to not buy out their contracts will cost even more.

Spring Training is super important for a baseball team. Not only do the players shake off the three months of rust, and break in the new leather of their gloves and cleats, but they form an identity. Now, if the organinzation wants to form a different identity, unlike the lazy one, uncooperative one that both Castillo and Perez have portrayed, they must weed them out of the garden.

The change must not stop their though. The Mets need the face of their franchise, David Wright to step up and be the true leader. Wright has been the spokesman for years. Just like the Captain across town, Wright has said all the right things, he has appeared in all the commercials and has been a model New Yorker. Now, it is time to be the guy who gets the clutch hits, makes the tough plays, and truly is the leader of the players.

It seems that every year SNY's Kevin Burkhardt asks Wright how comfortable he is as a leader, and every year Wright has responded that he feels more and more comfortable with each year under his belt. Well, this year I want Wright to respond, "I feel totally comfortable, and I am the leader of the New York Mets". If the Mets want to be succesful this season and in years to come, they need to have a veteran who does things the right way, in order to base themself off of.

I want Ike Davis, Josh Thole, Ruben Tejada, Wilmer Flores, Daniel Murphy, and other young Mets, to see how he goes about things, and realize their is a wrong way to do things and a Wright way.


Best of New York Bite 12-21 Interview with Tom Jolly

Interview with the Sports Editor of The New York Times, Tom Jolly.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Jets bounce back, stay in playoff race

With their playoff hopes on the line, the Jets traveled to Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, where they are 0-7 all time, to face the Steelers. For the first time in his coaching career, Rex Ryan chose to recieve the opening kickoff against the Dolphins in order to try and spark his offense. They went three and out. Against the Steelers, Ryan tried to employ the same tactic, but this time, his offense didn't even get to touch the ball. Brad Smith recieved the kick at the three yardline and returned it 97 yards to put the Jets on top 7-0; their first touchdown in three games.

The Steelers tied the game up at seven on a Ben Roethlisberger pass to tight end Matt Spaeth. The Jets and Steelers both kicked field goals to make it 10-10.

In the third quarter, the Steelers drove down the field and scored on a two yard run by Rashard Mendenhall and took a 17-10 lead. Then, for the first time since Brad Smith ran for a 55 yard reverse against the Bengals in week 12, the Jets offense scored a touchdown. At the seven yard line, Mark Sanchez faked the handoff to running back Shonn Greene, and sneaked the ball around the pile and into the endzone. Then on their next drive, Sanchez led his offense down the field and added a field goal.

Then after the jets next drive stalled at the 32 yardline, Rex Ryan decided to punt instead of kick a 50 yard field goal in the wind and snow. Punter Steve Weatherford pinned the Steelers on the three yardline, and on the next play, linebacker Jason Taylor broke through the line and tackled running back Mewelde Moore in the endzone for a safety. After the Jets punted on their next drive with 2:08 on the clock, Ben Roethlisberger led his offense down the field and ended up at the 11 yardline with 9 seconds left. But the Jets held on and forced two incomplete passes to secure a 22-17 win and advance to 10-4 on the year.


Best of NY BITE 12-18: Joe McDonald Interview

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Meltdown in the Meadowlands

The Giants led the Eagles 31-10 with 7:28 left in the fourth quarter.

7 minutes and 12 seconds later, the score was tied 31-31 and Giants' punter Matt Dodge was told to punt the ball out of bounds and force the game into overtime.

16 seconds later, Eagles punt returner Desean Jackson was spiking the ball in the endzone. The scoreboard read Eagles 38, Giants 31.

How could this happen? How did one of the best defenses in the NFL give up 28 points in under nine minutes? Did the Giants collapse or did the Eagles just turn on the jets? Maybe a combination of both. Whichever it was, the fact is that with 7:28 left, Michael Vick took the game into his own hands: the next play was a 65 yard touchdown pass to tight end Brent Celek. The Eagles then caught the Giants off-guard and recovered an onside kick. After two plays, Vick rolled ouot and ran the ball 40 yards to the four yardline and on the next play, ran it in for the touchdown:31-24.

The Giants got the ball back, and punted, giving the Eagles the ball back at the 12 yardline. Eight plays later, Vick threw a 12 yard pas to Jeremy Maclin and tied the game at 31. The Giants got the kickoff and a chance to run out the clock and score, but an illegal procedure penalty stopped the clock and forced the Giants to punt.

The snap to Dodge was high, and clearly he clearly felt like he couldn't kick the ball out of bounds. Jackson muffed the punt, picked it up and ran right up the middle for the game-winning 65 yard return. Final Score: Eagles 38, Giants 31.

At 10-4 the Eagles contreol their own destiny in the NFC East, which means that the Giants look like they are going to have to settle for the sixth seed in the playoffs, and a possible matchup in either Chicago or Philadelphia in the wildcard round off the playoffs.

The Giants will need to bounce back against Green Bay next week in order to keep their spot in the playoffs.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Best of NY BITE 12-18:John Rapisardi's Knicks Report