Friday, May 6, 2011

Ohm Youngmisuk Interview

ESPN New York Giants blogger Ohm Youngmisuk joined me to recap the New York Giants draft.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

May be early, but enjoy Reyes while he is still here

There will come a time in July when you will wake up to breaking news. The most dynamic player in the game, Jose Reyes, will no longer be a New York Met.
Michael G. Baron

Jose Reyes, the longest tenured Met, has been a fan favorite in New York since his call up in 2003. He holds the franchise record for steals (342) and triples (86),  yet we dont know for how much longer he will continue to extend his record. His next SB or triple may be his last in a Met uniform.

It is not a given that the Mets will trade Reyes before the July 31st trade deadline, but given their financial uncertainty, and expected lack of contention, they would rather move him and get prospects back in a trade, then lose him to free agency. 

Joel Sherman of the New York Post, suggested in his column  that the Mets should trade Reyes and then reacquire him at the end of the season. Yet as Jim Bowden wrote today, in his first column for, with a trade of this magnitude a long term extension will be necessary before a team acquires Reyes.

Often times the SNY Broadcast booth filled with Gary, Keith and Ron, complain along with many Met fans, including me, about Reyes. We complain about Reyes lack of focus, his on field antics, or his inability to steal late in the game or early in the count. Yet, for the remainder of the time we have to watch this wonderfully dynamic fleet-footed shortstop -- lets enjoy it.

In the last several years the saying has been: "how Reyes goes, the Mets go." If Reyes got on base, and scored in the first inning in the years of 06, 07, and 08, the Mets were bound to win. Well, if Reyes goes, we are left to wonder, where will the Mets go?

Ohm Youngmisuk: Giants Draft Report Card

"Three years from now, this draft will ultimately be judged on how the Giants’ first two draft picks do. Right now, the Giants feel they got two players that have top-15 talent. Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara wasn’t supposed to be there at 19 when the Giants picked. He wasn’t supposed to fall too far outside the top 10. And North Carolina defensive tackle Marvin Austin, the second-round pick, could have been a first-rounder had he not been kicked off the Tar Heels due to the NCAA improper benefits scandal.

Their biggest needs entering the draft were offensive line and linebacker and they did not address those needs until the third day of the draft. The Giants went for value and got plenty of it in their first two picks and frankly, most of their picks." - Ohm Youngmisuk
Ohm Youngmisuk gave the Giants a B+ in their draft. I will talk to him tomorrow to recap who and what they got.  Read the rest of his report card here.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mushnick: Sterling Takes Fun Out of Listening to Yankees.

"From [the day Sterling was hired by Steinbrenner] on, that seven-month baseball companionship, along with thousands of game broadcasts, has been betrayed. It has been lost to a narcissistic, condescending blowhard who neither knows nor cares what's happening on the field as he awaits his next chance -- real or imagined -- to holler his scripted, asinine "signature" calls to an audience that he long ago trained to suspect that what he describes is not even close to true."- Phil Mushnick, New York Post
Ouch! Harsh words from Mushnick towards the radio voice of the New York Yankees, John Sterling. Yet I have to agree, for an organization that represents excellence, he is far from excellent. I will be talking to Phil Mushnick this weekend about this column as well as other New York sports issues.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bob Raissman: Ian O'Connors book "Captain"

"I did tell him in advance: 'There are the few things I perceive, in my opinion, to be flaws (in Jeter's personality).' I said I think you are too sensitive to criticism and at time you have a hard time forgiving and forgetting," O'Connor said. "I think, at times, you could have been a better captain to Alex. I also brought up that he should have been more outspoken and out front on the steroids issue." Jeter would only respond to the steroids inquiry.
A Yankees source said Jeter was "not angry" but "won't be reading the book." O'Connor said his intent was to "humanize" Jeter. "That was my goal," he said. "To bring the fan closer to Jeter. Though he's a beloved icon, I think fans look at him as a distant figure." - Bob Raissman, NYDN
Above is an excerpt from a Bob Raissman column, in which he delves into Ian O'Connor and the controversy caused by his new book "Captain" a book about Derek Jeter. Read the full article here.

I asked Bob Raissman about this very controversy when I spoke to him, last week. In a phone conversation which you can listen to here

Q: What do you make of the Ian O'Connor book controversy and mess?

A: "I think that he is probably happier this is happening, than the alternative that means no one is talking about [his book], and that doesn’t help your book sales. So, stuff like this happens in the course of a book coming out because, the stuff that gets revealed at first is the most controversial stuff, because they want to sell off of this. I think it’s a ‘mess’ he probably likes. 

Ian O'Connor has agreed to talk to me about his book in late May about his book. I look forward to our talk.

Bill Madden: Valentine Applauds Bin Laden Sea Burial

"Like millions of other Americans, Bobby Valentine felt a rush of mixed emotions when word of Osama Bin Laden's death first filtered into the ESPN TV booth around 10:30 Sunday night at Citizens Bank Park.
The former Met manager-turned-ESPN analyst's first reaction was elation, which gradually turned into pride as he heard the chants "USA! USA!" from the capacity crowd watching a Mets-Phillies pitching duel spread throughout the ballpark." - Bill Madden, NY Daily News
I will be talking to Bill Madden on Friday about this emotional article and other headlines around NY sports.

Read the full article here.